Experience our World Class Facilities

Cureworth Drugs & Intermediates owns a full fledged manufacturing unit at Ambernath Additional MIDC zone, at the outskirts of Mumbai city. Our manufacturing division is well designed as per the modern architecture.
The facility is FDA approved and WHO GMP approvable.
It is highly capable of offering chemically complex range of Pharmaceutical Bulk Drug Intermediates and specialty chemicals.


With the help of bulletined below equipment we are creating our place in the hearts of several people by offering them Bulk Drug Intermediates of high grade quality:

  • Glass lined reactors with distillation set up, heating, cooling, chilling and vacuum. (Capacity from 50 ltrs to 4000 ltrs)
  • High vacuum distillation set up in SSR with fractionating columns of 44 ft. and 12 ft structural packing, receivers, high vacuum facility. (Capacity 4000 &5000 ltrs)
  • Stainless steel Reactors having distillation set up, heating, cooling, chilling and vacuum (Capacity from 1800 ltrs to 5000 ltrs)
  • Stainless Steel Nutch and sparkler filters (GMP Model)
  • SS Centrifuges 48 and 36 GMP Model
  • High Vacuum ejector system supporting with separate cooling tower.
  • Stainless steel sulzer packed columns for solvent and product fractionation
  • Scrubber-blower and absorption columns
  • GMP Tray dryers of 48 and 96 Trays
  • FBD of capacity 120 kg GMP model
  • Stainless steel Layer separation stirred reactor
  • Octagonal Blender GMP
  • Multi-mill cum sifter GMP

  • 50Ltrs and 100 Ltr Glass assembly supported with all plant utilities
  • Filters
  • Dryers.

  • Thermo pack of 4lakh k.cal Temp up to 300.
  • Fuel fired steam Boiler of 850kg capacity.
  • Chilled Brine Plant capacity 40TR at 0c.
  • Cooling Towers
  • Compressed Air and Nitrogen.
  • Fumes Extractors
  • Electric Generator Diesel 200 Kva.
  • Glass, Graphite and Stainless steel Heat Exchangers.

  • High performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC)
  • Gas chromatography(GC)
  • TOC
  • FTIR
  • Karl-Fischer Apparatus
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • pH Meters
  • VTD
  • Laboratory Oven
  • TLC System
  • Fuming Chambers
  • Micro balance

    We provide unmatched interface between expertise and classical chemistry by offering quality, economic and safe Contract Manufacturing. We have fully fledged infrastructure to execute complex reactions such as Grignard reaction, Nitration, etc. to provide contract manufacturing of Active pharmaceutical ingredients and Pharmaceutical Bulk Drug Intermediates as per the requisites of customers.

  • Advanced R&D Laboratory
  • Process Development
  • Analytical Method Development and Quality control
  • Technology Transfer: Lab to pilot plant, pilot to commercial plant
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Handling Multi step synthesis
  • From Kg to Multi tones
  • We have been offering Custom Manufacturing on the basis of following:

  • Exclusive and Confidential Basis
  • Manufacturing unit meets WHO -GMP Guidelines
  • Quality Documentation
  • Process Development as per specifications
  • Competitive prices
  • Timely delivery
  • Qualified work force